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Gravel Road creates workforce housing through preservation and development.  We look to establish alignment between our investment objectives, our customers, and local communities.  We often partner with local governments to rent-restrict units in exchange for incentives.  Our model generates stable returns without requiring material rent increases. 



Acquisition of existing apartment communities built before 2000 where renters earn, on average, 100% of AMI or below


New ground-up development and conversion of obsolete real estate

Investment Themes

  • Below Market Basis

  • Durable Income Streams

  • Property Tax Advantages

  • Inflation Protected

  • Fast-Tracked Approvals

  • Density Bonuses

  • Grant Funding

  • Environmental & Social Impact 

  • Below Market Financing

Focal Markets

Central, NJ
Washington, DC Metro
Central, FL

Featured Transactions

Bayou Court - St. Petersburg, FL
Bayou Court Apartments
Bayou Court is a 60 unit apartment development project that began construction in April of 2024 in St. Petersburg Florida. 

The project was made possible through a public private partnership with the City of St. Petersburg, FL and Pinellas County Florida.  The development features all two bedroom two bathroom units and 100% of the rents are restricted between 50% and 120% of AMI.  
Bridgewater Court - Bridgewater, NJ
Bridgewater Court is 128 unit apartment project that is the result of a conversion from an extended stay hotel in Bridgewater, New Jersey.  

The asset was purchased in August of 2023 and has undergone a significant renovation.  Gravel Road worked with Bridgewater Township to ensure that 30% of the units are rent restricted, which was made possible through a combination of tax incentives and grants. 
Bridgewater Court Apartments
Local Government Partners
Gravel Road prides itself of the formation of
Public-Private Partnerships with local governments. Below are a few of our most trusted partners. 
Pinellas County, Florida
City of St. Petersburg, Florida
Bridgewater Township, New Jersey
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